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Adoption Bonding: Birth to 3 Months

Since bonding is a term that describes a caregiver's attachment level to a child, it's really the adoptive parent that needs to bond with a new baby—not the other way around. When you're adopting a child who is 0-3 months old, she'll naturally become attached to you through your daily parenting and living activities. That means you'll need to work on your bond toward her using certain techniques and activities that strengthen your relationship together.

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Redbox Neighbor Gift::Bloggers Best 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a movie night! Cute neighbor gift idea for Christmas! Free printable tag plus how to get redbox movie codes!

Did you know you can buy Redbox gift codes? This is such a great Neighbor Gift Idea. They have 3 free printable tags and have a tutorial on how to get Redbox codes.


This is a WONDERFUL neighbor gift Idea -- giving promo Red Box codes and a bag of microwave popcorn.

Redbox Neighbor Gift Idea - Just print the tag, write the Redbox code on it and attached it to a bag of popcorn! 3 printable versions to choose from! #redbox


Red Box Codes just tried the 1st one and it worked (=


reddot design award 2012. Client: Pegatron Corp., Taipei. Design: Pegacasa, Taipei. Creative direction/ art direction: Alain Lee. Concept: Alain Lee, Kiwi Wang. View more about the project:


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Here's Some Free Redbox Codes To Unlock Free DVD & Video Game Rentals

Redbox Gives Out Free Rentals Codes, Here’s How To Get Them! More

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Crazy Christmas CRUNCH Gift Idea

Cute Neighbor Gift Idea: If the crazy holiday season has got you in a CRUNCH, here's a movie for your to watch and some treats for your to MUNCH