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Raspberry Pi Ubuntu

Linux - Sistemas Operativos - #Linux #Manual

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Snowboy is an embedded and real-time, always-listening but off-line, and highly customizable hotword detection engine that runs on Raspberry Pi, (Ubuntu) Linux, and Mac OS X. A hotword is a key word or phrase that a computer always listens for to trigger other actions. A hotword is also called a wake word or trigger word.

7 Best Linux Distro For Laptop In 2017

elementary os desktop

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What would you do with a 120-Raspberry Pi Cluster?

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Unix Commands

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Setup Dynamic DNS / DynDNS for *FREE* on Raspberry Pi / Ubuntu

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspbery Pi 3

Install Netflix in Linux Mint, Fedora and Ubuntu - Tutorial

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Smart home automation webserver on OpenWRT router WR703N interfaced to Arduino, compared to Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu

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JaguarBoard is a $45 Intel-powered Raspberry Pi alternative

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