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Not Republican, Not Democrat. Just love this country and need defenders of our Constitution to take the reins and bring us back from the brink of destruction


"Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their Government. Our entire constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible." ~ Rand Paul


.Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. He is a member of the Republican Party, and the son of former U.S. Representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas.


"How about instead of paying the bills for other countries, we start paying our own?" -Rand Paul

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RAND PAUL: If The GOP Doesn't 'Adapt Or Evolve, We're Going To Die'

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I do not care one whit where he is from, what color he is, what religion he clings to, or even what party he claims. he took the same oath I did... and... he MEANT IT. There CAN be ideological differences between reps who all still UPHOLD their Oath. There CAN be different parties.. disagreements.. and STILL hold true to the foundation. It made us great once. It can again! Write your reps. Remind them of their oath(s)!

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Typographic and Graphic Games Quotes Prints

Kyle Robertson is a graphic designer based in London. He created a black and white posters set in which he plays with the typography and graphic according to the quote of leading figures he wants to highlight, as the artist Evan Robertson. On some creations, eyes like to be lost during reading. Research of the perfect design is amazing and original.