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This Is What The Guy From "Peter Pan" Looks Like Now

AND HERE HE IS WITH RACHEL HURD WOOD A.K.A. WENDY ALL GROWN UP. | This Is What Jeremy Sumpter From "Peter Pan" Looks Like Now

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**Outlander dream casting** Rachel Hurd Wood as Brianna Fraser. Rachel really looks like Claire through the nose and mouth and Jamie through the eyes and bridge of the nose. tall. sky blue eyes, fair skin, breathless / lit from within beauty.

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Peter Pan

Dang it are the luckiest girl in the entire universe!!!!!!!! -_-

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"Come with me where you'll never,never have to worry about grown up things again..." Peter Pan (2003)

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Rachel Hurd Wood (also light blonde and fiery redhead)

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Rachel Hurd-Wood - she looks a lot like I picture Renae Griffin, Henna's sister

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