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Fierce feisty and female! True grit...just love this character - no rescue needed!!! Lagertha. The Vikings. I LOVE me some Lagertha! Kathryn Winnick plays her so well! I was inspired to create a legendary queen in the novels dynasty who led an army to take back her throne.

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Queen Elizabeth II is quite awesome.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message for 2016 - beautiful and powerful address

Du Bis† Sehr Schön

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like a freeking BOSS!!! - God save our Queen <3

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emotionsdelivered:Elizabeth Warren as a young women.

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Elizabeth Swan: a pirate. It only really dawned on me just how much of a pirate she became when I saw Angelica in OST, and how she didn't want to kill anyone. She didn't want to be like Elizabeth. I wish I still had the films with me.

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-- chloemerriman --

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