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von Lemon Sugar

Orange Sweet Rolls

Orange Sweet Rolls Recipe ~ made from scratch. Sweet, citrus rolls that are perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert!


Life is Short: Stop Taking Things For Granted And Start Living Your Life

As a Bard - Survivability - is arguably the most important part of the party, so you want to be able to stay upright. Cunning and Valorous Bards will be decent at this; Cunning because of a good AC potential and Valorous because of the high number of healing surges they'll get. Prescient Bards are the worst in this category, but since they'll stay at range almost exclusively, it won't matter too much.

von Women's Health

Your Partner's Coffee Habit Could Increase Your Odds of Miscarrying

Important info if you're TTC.

von One Green Planet

Why Weeds Might Actually Be a Good Thing to Have in the Garden

We can’t very well have a lot of weeds taking over our tomatoes or garden peas, but we can also recognize that these plants play an important part in natural systems and can play a vital role in our gardens. Indeed, weeds might actually be a good thing to have growing.


Dandelions are picky. The casual observer might not think so as Dandeliions are a ubiquitous weed in many parts of the country and world. But as in real estate, the important element is location, location, location.


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