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Practice counting by ones and tens with this ten frame FREEBIE! There are 8 color choices included in this pack. Each set has ten frames to 200 plus a blank set of ten frames. Colors included: rainbow stripes, three colors of chevron, chalkboard, denim, colorful arrows, and pink polka dots.


Here are some blank tens frames I created for my students to use. They are big enough to place manipulatives and counters on them. I printed them on cardstock and laminated them for durability. These are great for helping kids make tens partners and adding/subtracting to 10.


Help your students organize their manipulatives or drawings into 10s frames when adding or subtraction. These can be laminated and students can use whiteboard markers on them.


Making a 10 to Add step by step instructions on how to teach it in fun ways and lots of awesome ideas and resources to do it with!