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RESERVED for Chris H - Tureng Tepe Type Figurine

I based this hand made female figurine on one from the 3rd Millenium BCE, found in Tureng Tepe, Iran. Some scholars believe it is a representation of


Prähistorisches Tiermodell Trachyceras: Kunststoff; Landesmuseum Niederösterreich; ca 50 cm

Kostenki Venus 23 000 - 21 000 BC Limestone H 10.2 cm This figurine represents the Palaeolithic ‘Venus’, with overlarge breasts and belly. The faceless head bends towards the chest while the arms are pressed to the body with hands on the belly. Covering the surface of the head are rows of incisions indicating a hair style or cap. Relief work in the form of a tight plait convey a breast ornament tied up at the back. There are bracelets on the arms.

RoomMates Wandsticker Wandtattoo Dinosaurier TriceratopsDer riesige Wandsticker Triceratops und der Flugsaurier Pterodactylus erwecken Deine Wände zum urzeitlichen Leben. Entzücke Deinen kleinen Dinosaurier-Fan mit diesem riesigen Wandsticker. Fertig für die Jurassic Party? Dieser Dinosaurier bringt prähistorisches Feeling in's Kinderzimmer, Spielzimmer oder den Kindergarten.