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Hello there! I'm Winter, Daughter of Jelsa (Jack and Elsa). I am kind, smart, loyal, but very protective. I can be sarcastic sometimes, and mischievous, I promise I am good at heart. I inherited my parents ice magic, and try my best to use for good occasions (maybe a little bit of fun). If you ever see me, I'd be in the library, courtyard, or with my best friend, Kristi. Just like her, I am scared to do my story. Of course, I don't which one I would be doing.


Never be afraid to be the lone wolf. Embrace the strength of standing alone, strong and complete as one. - kel

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Joanna Going

"She watched as he walked away, but it didn't hurt her heart--she thought. She was ready to ride the stage coach and ride out West to new beginnings."


Princess Margaretha, the King’s sister, surprised tiara watchers when she wore the aquamarine kokoshnik tiara to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding in 2010. This tiara, with matching brooch, was brought to Sweden by Princess Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden, and comprises large aquamarines in a diamond setting.


Prinzessin Margaret (†71): Ihre heiße Partynacht mit Travolta und Nicholson

Ja, Prinzessin Margaret wusste, wie man feiert: Wie ein neues Buch enthüllt, tanzte sie unter anderem mit John Tavolta durch die Nacht – und Jack Nicholson machte ihr sogar ein unmoralisches Angebot …