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Primark Kostüme

Lemur Catta Adult Unisex Animal Kigurumi Cosplay Costume Pajamas Onesies (S)


I bought a thick leather choker and a thin laced one from Primark. I sewed the lace on onto and then to add a finishing touch I attached some mini lamas to the choker which I bought of ebay. I added these as the movie is about Yzma turning the emperor into a lama so I though this would add some fun and a bit of the film into my costume.

This looks DIY-able?? ASOS Holidays Sweater With Reindeer Face And Pom Pom

Primark - Younger Girl Snow White Costume

Harry Potter Gryffindor Quidditch Jumper or long sleeve tee by Primark. Description from I searched for this on

#Primark brand new with tags #white #swimming costume with hygiene protect size 1, View more on the LINK:

#Farbbberatung #Stilberatung #Farbenreich mit /Paolo-Sebastian


Dance Shoes - Belly Dance Digs, diese super geilen Teile wünsche ich mir zu meinem Geburtstag.