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Mein Venedig -1v2- Perücken, Paläste, Powerboote Check more at


#RIB #boats are high performance boats, that have been used our goals, so you can rest assured as your #RIB #boat is a durable & reliable boat. N&K Consultancy is #RIB boats #repairer in #Auckland. Here some important guidance for #inflatable boats, Visit at


Delfin/Hai Powerboot

Delfin/Hai Powerboot...Normale Powerboote sind was für langweiler. Jetzt gibt es dieses coole Powerboat im Delfin oder Haifisch Design.


zodiac_military_00.jpg80a1b4f2-854a-4157-9e27-ef3fcfcfc60cLarge.jpg (600×600)

3d model of Naval Special Warfare Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat RHIB

Zodiac CZ7 SEAL Boat

Zodiac calls it outrageous. Extreme. Extraordinary. And that's just the price. Almost 200 grand for a rubber boat is enough to quicken--or stop--anyone's pulse. But the Zodiac CZ7 (Civilian Zodiac 7-meter) isn't your father's rubber boat. As a matter of fact it isn't a rubber boat at all, but a rigid-hull inflatable boat (RIB). The design uses a deep-V fiberglass hull with an inflatable tubes collar. RIBs are popular for recreational boating in Europe, but not here, where these craft are…