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Swimming Pool Care Cheat Sheet

Swimming Pool Care Cheat Sheet


Squirt Dawn down the middle of the pool and all of the dirt, suntan lotion, etc. will move to the edges of the pool for easy clean up! AND it makes the pools sparkle.

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City of Tulsa

Pool Maintenance Schedule

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9 Cool Summer Cleaning Tips

Keep the mess outside! After a long day of gardening or cleaning around the house, clean your feet with this DIY spray station using items from around your house like rocks and an old tray. For convenience, place near the hose.


Organic Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Pool Liners

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Top 20 Brilliant DIY Backyard Projects and Tips for Your Pets

Place a plastic kiddie pool in the ground. It'd be easy to clean and looks nicer than having it above ground. Then take it out in colder months and have a fire pit!!! :) .

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How To Rehab an Outdoor Sectional

how to get rid of mildew on outdoor cushions

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Tips On Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning List | Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks | HouseLogic

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Why ketchup is so damn hard to pour—and how to pour it perfectly

***Tomatensaus of ketchup Spoel de vlek zo snel mogelijk uit met water. Je kunt beter deppen dan wrijven en let ook op dat je de vlek niet groter maakt. Laat het kledingstuk vervolgens tien tot vijftien minuten weken in een emmer met lauw water en ammonia (ook bij fijne stoffen kan je dit mengsel van ammoniak en water gewoon gebruiken)...