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Russia: Silencing Activists, Journalists ahead of Sochi Games | Human Rights Watch

Imagine being dragged against your will to a room where you can hear women screaming. You are held down in a chair, given an injection, have cotton stuffed in your mouth, then given a jolt of electricity through a band wrapped around your head. Imagine waking up on a mattress on the floor half an hour later feeling dazed and confused, only to discover you have soiled yourself but don’t remember why. This is the reality of (ECT), under anesthesia but without consent in India.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What more do you need?


A Social Media Story storified by #HumanRights Watch

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Ignore Us. Ignore Human Rights. Amnesty International.

Ignore Us. Ignore Human Rights. Amnesty International. - My Modern Met

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36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See

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Corruption Perceptions index 2013

.Barbaric, cruel and reducing humanity to a level of non existence. What about the sacredness of life. No moral conscience.As far as I am concerned is a human rights issue. Any interference to a vital organ such as the brain by an exterior force is a total degradation of humanity. Has any psychiatrist with a shred of humanity put him or herself forward to be subjugated to immense suffering and inhumane treatment. Why not make ECT role modelling compulsory in Psychiatric training.