Pokemon 1 generation

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Das haben wir alles Dank Pokemon gelernt  #Vivichan

Das haben wir alles Dank Pokemon gelernt #Vivichan

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Day 13: I would like to be a pokemon trainer, 1) have more freedom than I do now 2) travel the world 3) become a legend..

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Pikachu and Leafeon Share an Apple... so cute

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Meine Freunde - Freunde - Seite 1 - Wattpad

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So freaking cute I just can't... XD My Squirtles and Charizard...!

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Pokemon Eier

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Pokémon | Citron | Dedenne | Eureka | Pikachu | Satoshi | Serena- Started watching this yesterday and I gotta say it's gotten to be amazing! Far more story, far more character development.

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7th Generation starter lineups. Decidueye has to be my top pick. I never pick water-types and I'm sick of bipedal fire final evolutions.

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