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Pluto's Giant Moon Charon May Have Had a Buried Ocean June 14, 2014 If the icy surface of Pluto's giant moon Charon is cracked, analysis of the fractures could reveal if its interior was warm, perhaps warm enough to have maintained a subterranean ocean of liquid water, according to a new NASA-funded study. Pluto, which was once considered a planet — resides in the Kuiper Belt, a vast collection of frozen objects that orbit our Sun about 30 to 50 astronomical units (AUs) away.


Donald duck full episodes new 2015 Episodes Utimate Classic Collection Cartoon HD it's has Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Mickey Mouse and Pluto! This version is taken from the mickey mouse and friends cartoon, donald duck and pluto & chip and dale, etc ... The classics cartoon is about donald duck funny and the lives of your people, movie details are attractive, tough rivalry between her animals, but all were animated and fun for kids !


Ich weiß nicht wo die sein sollen?. 😊😉

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2015: The Year In Review

2015: The Year In Review | Odyssey


'Land' on Pluto's Icy Plains in This Amazing New NASA Video


Mit diesem Video könnt ihr euch euren eigenen Pluto bauen. PDF Das ursprüngliche Muster stammt ...