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extra large planters - frangipani ... love this idea


This is a photo I took of a White Plumeria/Frangipani Tree.


Plumeria is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. It contains primarily deciduous shrubs and small trees. They are native to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America as far south as Brazil but can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Plumeria is related to the Oleander, Nerium oleander, and both possess an irritant, rather similar to that of Euphorbia.


Bob Walsh’s plumeria care 101 book, How To Grow Plumeria – Frangipani Anytime Anywhere!, takes the reader by the hand and guides him/her step-by-step from planting his/her plumeria cuttings, plants and seeds to enjoying flowering plumeria plants. But it doesn’t stop here. In addition, proper watering, fertilizing, grow lights for indoor flowering, insect and disease control, pruning, root pruning, companion planting and more are discussed in detail.


Plumeria: Maui website...good info on pest & diseases, growing, etc.