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"the weed of crime bears bitter fruit" - another one for the airsoft gun cabinet

Cabinets and Safes 177877: 90 Gun Fire Resistant Safe Electronic Lock Pistol Hunting Rifle Security Storage BUY IT NOW ONLY: $2679.95

Concealed Storage, Gun Storage, Hidden Storage, Monogram Family Name Sign

Our concealed storage signs are hand crafted from your choice lumber. Designed to be discrete these are perfect for safe storage of your home defense weapon in any room of the house. Most homes have a single safe storage area for their home defense weapons. Our concealed storage signs give you a way to safely and discretely store your home defense weapon in any room of the house giving you instant access if it is ever needed. Every detail was considered in the design and construction of…

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Stack-On GCB-500 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet, Black

Metal Pistol Revolver Gun Cabinet Pull Drawer Handle Knob

Beautiful HK P7 pistol

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The pistol that did the deed. While on a campaign stop in Milwaukee, TR survived an assassination attempt. John Schrank, an anti-third term fanatic, claimed that he was told in a dream to shoot TR. As TR prepared to give a speech, he was shot in the chest. Luckily, he had his folded speech and eyeglass case in his breast pocket. They deflected the bullet and protected TR from suffering a more serious wound.