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Laos, Phongsali Province, Lao P.D.R., Laos, Phongsali Province, Huay Yueng Village, Akha hill tribe, lady with traditional headdress. | © Glen Allison


Laos, Phongsali Province, Papuon Mai village, Akha hill tribe, lady with traditional headdress. | © Glen Allison


Trekking near Phongsali (Laos). 'Trekking around Phongsali we were fascinated by the Akha Nuqui people. At first the village women would run from our cameras shrieking. But once we'd been staying in their houses for a while they saw the digital photos we took of their kids and became keen to see their own portraits.'


Laos | Old Lao Bit woman. Village Ban Thaodouang, near the Nam Lan Conservation Area, Boun Tai district, Phongsali province, Phongsaly | ©Imagebrokerrm

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What is it like staying with an Akha Tribe in Laos?

A truly authentic experience staying with an 'Akha Tribe' in the region of Phongsali, Northern Laos.


* LAOS - Colorful People. A colorful woman from the Ikor Tribe,sub group of the Akha ingenous group. It is interesting to see how they decorate themselves with the old French & soviet coins. Picture taken in Phongsali province North Laos

Laos | Woman of the Tai Dam tribe in traditional dress, Ban Monesavanh, Phongsali Province | © Stefan Auth

Akha family portrait in a remote village in Phongsali area, Laos #laos #tribes…

Laos | Akha Loma man and woman wearing traditional clothing. Ban Noy, Phongsali Province | ©Imagebrokerrm

young girl from Phongsali Province, Huay Yueng village Laos