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Philipp Scheidemann

Philipp Scheidemann, 150. Geburtstag am 26. Juli 2015

Hats | Philipp Scheidemann ruft von einem Fenster der Reichskanzlei die Republik aus (9. November 1918)


LIES YOUR TEACHER TAUGHT YOU: Why Hitler hated Jews? A 1924 right-wing German political cartoon showing Philipp Scheidemann, the German Social Democratic politician who proclaimed the Weimar Republic and was its second Chancellor, and Matthias Erzberger, an anti-war politician from the Centre Party, who signed the armistice with the Allies, as stabbing the German Army in the back


Philipp Scheidemann proklamierte die deutsche Republik am 9. November 1918 (MiNr. 3165).


Philipp Scheidemann ruft am 9.November 1918 die Republik aus

Philipp Scheidemann (26 July 1865 – 29 November 1939) was a German politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). During the German Revolution of 1918–1919 he proclaimed Germany a republic on 9 November 1918 and subsequently became the second Chancellor of the Weimar Republic, acting in this post for 127 days.