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Phi Zahl I might assume that the a good number of everyday people at this time is actually implementing their hand phone. In that case i recommend linking to a wireless wi-fi initially.


PHI: The Divine Ratio {call it what you's still Fibonacci}

Intel is making a huge push into AI and deep learning, and intends to build custom variants of its Xeon Phi hardware to compete in these markets. Several months ago, the Santa Clara corporation bought Nervana, an AI startup, and this new announcement is seen as building on that momentum. AI and deep learning have become huge focuses of major companies in the past few years — Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, and a number of smaller firms are all jockeying for position, chasing breakthroughs, and…

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Plant growth is governed by the Fibonacci sequence, which can be understood as a law of accumulation. The role of the Fibonacci…


Total project area of the project is 25 acres with minimum and maximum square feet of 647and 1300 respectively. Total towers in these flats are 15. Number of units is 1900. It has 70 percent of open space. It has lively amenities such as Club - House/ Tennis-courts / Badminton- Court/Squash Court/ Gymnasium / Steam & Sauna/Swimming -Pool/Movie-Theatre / Am phi Theatre/Children fun area / Senior- Citizens Park and Departmental store.

Heilige Geometrie und das fraktale Universum |


Finonacci. Learning this now. --This world is really awesome.

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Where Can You Find Gluten-Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns?

Gluten free casein free buns. Looks like we'll finally enjoy fast food and cookouts! **Sorry for the Cruise Line pic--I don't know how to change it**

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"Phi" - my ultimate inspiration as a designer. With all the unique mathematical properties of Phi and its appearance throughout creation the Golden Ratio creates the perfect basis for inspiration as a designer. It captures the beauty and harmony of nature's divine proportion.