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Peter Ustinov Schule

Peter Ustinov. The great raconteur and actor. Probably Stephen Fry's idol.


Kids Orchestra Movie, 30 minutes. Good basic introduction to various info about music- defining terms, instrument groupings, etc. Graphics are lacking but info is good.


Sophia Loren. Other films include: El Cid (1961), The Millionariess (1960), It Started in Naples (1960), Vittorio De Sica's triptych Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1963), Peter Ustinov's Lady L (1965), the 1966 classic Arabesque , A Countess from Hong Kong (1967). Loren received four Golden Globe Awards between 1964 and 1977. The Voyage (1974), Brief Encounter (1974).


Laurence Olivier, Tony Curtis, & Peter Ustinov on the set of Spartacus (1960, dir. Stanley Kubrick). Photo by Richard Miller


Topkapi (1964). Topkapı’ (1964): Directed by Jules Dussin and starring Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov and Maximilian Schell, the film’s plot centers on a group of thieves who devise a plan to steal the emerald-encrusted dagger of Sultan Mahmud I from the Topkapı Palace. Filmed almost entirely in Istanbul, the city plays a major role in the film.


The Magic Box (1951) GB D: John Boulting. Robert Donat Margaret Johnston Maria Schell Robert Beatty Ronald Shiner Richard Attenborough Laurence Olivier Sylvia Syms Glynis Johns Margaret Rutherford William Hartnell Michael Redgrave Michael Denison Leo Genn Joyce Grenfell Marius Goring Robertson Hare Kathleen Harrison Stanley Holloway Mervyn Johns Miles Malleson AE Matthews Bernard Miles Cecil Parker David Tomlinson Peter Ustinov Emlyn Williams Googie Withers8/09/13

There was a lot more to Ancient Roman food than exotic dishes served by slaves. Lavish feasts were commonplace among the rich, but ordinary people eat many things we still enjoy today.