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Instant Anatomy - Abdomen - Areas/Organs - Peritoneum - Lesser sac - opening

The only places that we are sure that mine is NOT on or in is the brain and spine. Everyother one I have it there:(

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Peritonitis is an inflammation (irritation) of the peritoneum, the thin tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs.

Allis’ Tissue Forceps<br />Used to hold skin while raising skin flaps.<br />Used to pick up a fold of peritoneum during la...


311 terms · Absorption, Anastomosis, Ascites, Bile, chole-, Chyle, Chyme, -cysto, -docho, -ectomy, Excision, Incision, lysis, Necrosis, -oma, -ostomy, -otomy, Parietal, Peristalsis, Peritoneum, Portal venous system, -


Transparency is a trait shared by all living glass frogs. In some species though, such as the Condor Glass Frog (Centrolene condor), the ventral peritoneum is white anteriorly, obscuring thus the heart and liver. Photo by Alejandro Arteaga.

Diabetes Insipidus ADH | Greater omentum B: Mesentery C: Visceral Peritoneum D: Parietal ...

WK 1 PERITONEUM Air filled abscess in the abdominal wall