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GUYS. WE ARE UP TO 34,000+!!!!! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR THE PERCY JACKSON TV SHOW. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VOTE!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!! WE CAN DO THIS I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!! PIN EVERYWHERE EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T VOTE! <--- Right nog there are alredy 51,399 people that have signed this petition. Still 23,601 more people needed!

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Found My Birthday Cake But I’d Have To Change The Percy Jackson

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Ombré Cake

I’m not really a baker. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I just pretend to be. Sure, I bake cookies, and sheet cakes, and bundt cakes. But those are easy. And I usually stick to a glaze where I can drizzle it on - the fancy rosette or ruffle designed frosting scares me. And I certainly don’t

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Seriously. I mean really they didn't put in the butter knife scene, the part when Cristina tells Tris she's dating Will (with the whole "can you be a girl for a second please" part), drunk Four, visiting day, like half the aptitude test, they only showed 5 of Tris's 7 original fears, they made Tris say "i love you" when she wasn't supposed to and Four doesn't say it at all, oh and WHERE IN THE NAME OF DAUNTLESS CAKE IS URIAH!?!?!

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Half-Blood Nectar or Percy Jackson’s Liquid Chocolate Chip Cookies

Half-Blood Nectar or Percy Jackson's Liquid Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Percy and Annabeth are on holiday and they're getting ready to go to the beach with the rest of the 7 and Will and Thalia. Percy says to Annabeth "you would look great in this. Holding up a blue t-shirt with a trident on it and the back saying ms Annabeth Jackson in grey and Annabeth replying "and you would look better without this" grabbing Percy's shirt and kissing him. 

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My name is Percy Jackson Am I a troublew kid? Yeah. You could say that

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Percy Jackson's mom's famous Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies (will probably leave out the cranberries if I make these)

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