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Percabeth: Together Through It All - Unexpected Twist

It's percabeth but I'm picturing Sirius and any girl really.

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Merry (late) Christmas and happy holidays, @bananannabeth !! ^o^ Used your skater!percy au for your @pjosecretsanta2016 gift~ Hope you like it :D

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Percy and Annabeth, why don't you JUST KISS!?<--- ah yes, I remember this

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I love it when I can write my ships with elements

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OH MY GOODNESS ANNABETH IS CRYING! <3 percabeth forever & ever & ever & ever & ever!

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And they will live on forever, never growing older, never dying, in the mind and…

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im not 11 anymore but this made my heart squish

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Camp Half Blood


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Percabeth edit by @ameliarosekeyes

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