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Paul Ryan’s Plans Stopped Cold by Trump, Cruz Insurgency Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan channels Braveheart in appeal to unite Republicans - | #BigGovernment, #Congress | American Liberty PAC

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Paul Ryan's Commitment To 'Regular Order' Collides With Major Heroin Legislation

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Paul Ryan is the Horrifying Child King of a Desolate Republican Empire

Rep. Steve King Rips Paul Ryan's 'Wrong Move' | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Bill Maher talks to Larry King about Obama's dissappointments, Paul Ryan's Taxi Driver morality and stupid Americans.

Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump and Releases His Own Tax Plan to 'Unify Republicans' After Divisive Primary


Making His Demands: Obama Summons Paul Ryan And Mitch McConnell For Meeting

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Defiant, defector, deranged, and proud of it; The Master of "Republican Syndrome"--Paul Ryan