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Paul Fusco

Janis Joplin at The Fillmore, San Francisco, 1968, photographed by Paul Fusco. ‘Photographing Janis Joplin in concert was so intense that it stayed with me. I felt connected to her. Her voice shocks the listener with its power – and I try to shock my audience into feeling what I do when I take a photo’ Paul Fusco speaking.

RFK Funeral Train RFK was killed on June 6, 1968; four days later, after his body had been flown to New York, a funeral train carried him from NYC to Washington. Paul Fusco, a Look photographer (working through Magnum?) hopped on the train and shot color photographs the whole way down


Paul Fusco; video Talking about the photographs he took out the window, aboard the train carrying JFK's coffin titled 'The Fallen'. Video presented by New York Times Magazine. via blog 'all the mountains'