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I saw a pin that simply said "Help Muslim Girls." This is the very best I can offer...Study the works of Pat Condell! infj4pat...Here's 10 minuets of truth about your uncivilized, backward religion to get you started...I just searched "escaping Islam." Almost 4 million results! infj4reality...It's where we learn we must help ourselves!

1 - The great Palestinian lie by Pat Condell

Pat Condell about The Palestinian Cause. - YouTube

Pat Condell - .Islamist dickhead .


I discovered Pat in 2008...He's getting better every day. More people are finally listening...infj4truth


Hypocrisy over Gaza

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Pat Condell video. Islam enslaves women and kills homosexuals. If you wont convert, you can be tortured or killed.


Pat Condell: Goodbye to the First Amendment - 41% of Americans want to criminalize “hate speech”


It hurts because it's true. What an abuse.