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Passfotos Hamburg

George Harrison and John Lennon, Hamburg, 1962, photographed by Astrid Kirchherr "December 9, 1980. The police and media have gathered in ... The #Beatles #Quiz



ADVENTURE! || Die EUROPA 2 im Prins-Christian-Sund. || EUROPA 2 passing Greenland's Prins Christian Sound.|| FEUER & EIS Highlights der Kreuzfahrt von Hamburg nach Montreal / FIRE & ICE Highlights of the cruise from Hamburg to Montreal. Foto: © Susanne Baade/Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

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Kylie Woon is a 21-year-old digital artist from a small island named Singapore. In 2010, she discovered picture-taking as a way to pass the time. Self-taught, she has since developed an obsession with creating digital images. Through her pictures, she depicts her own internal worlds and is inspired by shyness, escapism, and dreams. Read more about Kylie on My Modern Met.


// Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrid Kirchherr

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Adolf Hitler reviewing Leibstandarte troops at the Nuremberg Rally, Germany, 1935.

Adolf Hitler reviewing Leibstandarte troops at the Nuremberg Rally, Germany, 1935. Hitler (1889-1945) inspecting soldiers of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, his personal bodyguard regiment. He is accompanied by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945), head of the SS. A print from Adolf Hitler. Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers, Hamburg: Cigaretten/Bilderdienst Hamburg/Bahrenfeld, 1936.

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Stuart Sutcliffe. Un ex-Beatle Bohemio.

Stuart Sutcliffe. Maybe some know him, maybe not ... Stewart Sutcliffe (23 June 1940-10 April 1962) was a painter, poet and original bassist of the British group The Beatles. He is The Lost Beatle.