Disney Challenge Day 11- Pascal! He gives so much expression throughout the movie without even having to talk.

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Tangled Pascal Clay Tutorial by ~LightningMcTurner on deviantART

Tangled Pascal Clay Tutorial by ~LightningMcTurner on deviantART

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I want a chameleon... not just any chameleon, it has to be a frikkin awesome chameleon like Pascal!! :) #Tangled @Abbi Whitman

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I am Alice, how can forget her though. I know people don't put her in quizzed like this but that is because they say PRINCESS and Alice is more than royalty

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Pascal wearing a bow tie. Too cute. I want.

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Pascal sketch and watercolor tattoo! :D Tangled

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Disney Fan art...Rapunzel pencil sketch

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Pascal - Tangled. When a book tries to be suspenseful, but it's not. Or when an author tries to sway your opinion of a character.

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pascal, with a hand knit scarf thanks to Rapunzel!

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