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Set yourinterval timerto 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. (Beginners try 30 seconds work or take breaks and modify where needed). This workout is a total of 12 minutes! Set your timers for 12 rounds if you are doing 50/10. (do 24 intervals for a 24 minute workout) 1) Get Ups 2) Plank Opposite Knee to Elbow (10) Plank Military Get Ups (10) 3) Crab Shack 4) Ab Ripper (Around The World) Use Paper Plates Or Towels

15 Fantastic Ocean Themed Crafts for Kids from iheartcraftything....


table setting for shrimp, crab, or crawfish. Newspaper and parchment paper 'plates'

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Ocean Crafts

Paper plate crab


Bellísima idea para decorar platos con tus hijos ahora en esta Semana Santa.

Krabbe auf Pappteller basteln.


Make a fun Sunflower Kids Craft with a paper plate and bubble wrap. Fun summer craft for kids!

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Ocean Crafts

Crab Paper Plate Craft