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Pantheon Lol

This would be interesting taken literally, if there was some personification of Death... << yesss

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League of Legends: Meme 3577

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two brothers being forced to hug each other by their mom. Misha, Jensen, Castiel, Dean, SPN, Supernatural (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Aphrodite (AKA my godly parent and patron who ignores me when I need her the most)

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#leona #pantheon #lol

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Echidna was called the mother of all monsters, but really she was only the mother of about six of them: the dragon that guarded the Golden Apples of Hesperos, the Hydra, the Chimaera, Orthus (a hell-dog), and Cerberus, the Crommyonian Sow, the Caucasus Eagle (that's the one that kept eating Prometheus' liver every day), and by her son Orthus she mothered the Sphinx and the Nemean Lion. By Virginie Ropars

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