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Watch The Earth-Shattering Moment This Pallas's Cat Found A Camera Outside His Den

Pallas's Cat discovers hidden camera this is cool i like how the cat walked up to it and just stared at it.

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Le chat de Pallas, une espèce rare, est l’un des animaux les plus mignons

[Pallas cat, also known as Manul; a small wild cat.] ---------------------------- " Me woulds really rather groom meself! A toof'brush of allz things! Me thought dat wuz NOT categorized az wut yer usin' it fer."


Baby-Pallaskatze so niedlich! Der Manul, auch Pallaskatze genannt, ist eine wilde Katze Zentralasiens.


Pallas Cat // Manul, auch Pallaskatze genannt, ist eine kleine wilde Katze Zentralasiens - I love this one's strangely elongated look - like a Muppet, almost!

Love this kitty! The only scary part about this kitty, is that they are an endangered species, and they are hunted and trapped for their fur. Horrible


The manul, an ancient breed of small cats, 12 million years old. They can't be domesticated and are classified as "near threatened". They live on the Asian Steppes. Check out the link for lots of photos! (Also called Pallas cat)


Pallas Cat (Otocolobus manul) found in the Mountainous Regions of Iran, China and Russia

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Os 12 felinos mais extraordinários do mundo


Three of the five new Pallas’ cat kittens leave their nest box as a handler brings them food. Tuesday at the Red River Zoo in Fargo.