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Triple wrap bracelet from Origami Owl in rose gold! No locket, add a window frame and slider.. #whatagreatidea


As our first-ever oval Locket bracelet, the Origami Owl Rose Gold Classic Bracelet Living Locket® with Swarovski® Crystals is a gorgeous way to showcase the Charms and Dangles that reflect who you are. Smart, stylish and sophisticated, this Locket Bracelet is distinctive as a one-piece bracelet: a Locket-and-Chain-in-one!

Design your springtime leather wrap bracelet with Origami Owl..


Origami Owl Triple wrap watch Origami Owl Triple wrap watch. Includes a triple leather wrap in rose gold, along with a rose gold Swarvaroski crystal locket face, and pave slider. This is even more gorgeous in person! Origami Owl Jewelry Bracelets

Sneak peek of the Origami Owl Fall '16 collection!

Love is right!! Ordered mine today! Essential oil lovers will love this! New sentiments locket faces available to all Sept 1st! Origami Owl leather wrap bracelet, locket with or without charms. Add a moodology scent inside.

Origami Owl CORE Bangle Bracelets and Mementos (charms). Mix and Match.


Origami Owl Locket sizes and charm capacities for Fall 2016.


Unlock your style with our new Fall Collection that is available today!


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