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This unique statement ring is handcrafted from the vinyl record The wonderful world of The Platters. 24 Golden Hits. Take a closer look at it and you will see some names of songs from the original record label like Only You, Heaven on Earth and Im Sorry ! A truly unique upcycled jewelry design, theres only one in the whole wide world! • Description • • covered with a coat of high quality glass like resin • size: approx. mm X mm (in. X in.) • being a trained jeweler, each ring is…

While you may have a particular ‘type’ of music you prefer when working out, most of us also have a ‘song’. You know, the one that takes you from ‘mediocre’ to ‘mighty’; from ‘ready-to-give-up’ to ‘raring-to-go’. We spoke to five women who train hard, to find out which songs motivate them most. Runner and …

#artistofthemonth #focalvocal #tritha #music #vocals #magicalvoice Born and brought up in West Bengal Tritha Sinha has been singing and performing with a wide range of outfits as well as as a solo artist for ten years. Trained in Indian classical singing for more than 18 years she made a name for herself as a Bollywood singer in her hometown of Kolkata before moving to Delhi in 2009 to explore new musical horizons. Teaming up with childhood friend and actress/musician Ritika Singh and…

5 One-Song Workouts

Workout Exercises : Get a beach babe booty with this workout! Try it three times a week!


5 One-Song Workouts



5 One-Song Workouts

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5 One-Song Workouts

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5 One-Song Workouts

One-Song Workouts


5 One-Song Workouts

1 song workout