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one direction please don't think all of us are like those insane fans in the documentary!!! I love you boys and respect you and your family/girlfriends. I would never send hate and I do not agree with anything to do with Larry other than the fact that it is breaking apart the friendship! I AM SO ANGRY AT THAT VIDEO!AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IT!LITERALY SCREAMING RIGHT NOW I AM SO ANGRY

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Louis Tomlinson und Eleanor Calder

Pin for Later: Wir trauern um 31 Promi Pärchen, die sich 2015 schon getrennt haben Louis Tomlinson und Eleanor Calder Der Star von One Direction und Eleanor trennten sich im März.

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Community Post: 29 Times Louis Tomlinson Was Delightfully Darling

Alex:: Drew was studying with Lucas today so I decided to study with Johnnie. "Johnnie Staaahhhhppp!" I reach over him as he takes my pencil. Johnnie laughs. "Aw come on, Alex! You're so close!" he says. I reach over my, my breast practically in his face. Johnnie blushes a bit then sees Louis doing this {the gif} "Shit" he mutters and hands back my pencil.


You heard it. Harry Styles said Age doesn't matter! WOO! I still have a chance!


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