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Taking Panoramic Photos Seems A Piece Of Cake With Omnidirectional Camera (+VIDEO)

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LiveSphere: Immersive Experience Transmission by Wearable Omnidirectional Camera with Motion Decoupling

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Panasonic is selling a 9-megapixel omnidirectional camera that triples the resolution compared to conventional 3-megapixel cameras. Unlike cameras to date, this new camera also offers three Intelligence features.

Video : Panasonic 9-megapixel Omnidirectional Camera with Intelligence Features | Technology | Japan Bullet

Jack-In Head (*1) is an immersive experience transmission architecture with a wearable omnidirectional camera for “Human to Human Telepresence” . In Jack-In Head, the first person wears a head gear with an omnidirectional camera and the omnidirectional video are stabilised to decouple ego-motion and transmitted to others. Other persons can virtually look around the immersive visual experience with his or her own head motion with HMD.

Streetview camera on IOS or for Android

A durable, omnidirectional camera

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