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Olympia 2016 Wirtschaft

Tourism in Brazil :: <P>Since the 1990s, tourism has become a major driver of economic activity and community development in Brazil. New policies and approaches, growing expertise and investment in tourism have brought significant transformation in tourism products, destination development and community involvement. In addition Brazil will be hosting two major sport events in the years ahead, i.e. the Soccer World Cup, in 2014, and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. Braz...

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India Retail Economy Ahead of CPI Figures

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"Coercive", "Unethical" Banks Hold Mortgages Hostage Over Non-Disparagement 'Gag' Order | Tyler Durden, May 21, 2014, Zero Hedge:

Mitt Romney's women's ambassador (Ann) says birth control is off message! YOU listen Ann! THIS election is about what WE say it's about!! Stop reading aloud from the notes THEY gave you! Those are for your eyes only! (Dress her up, but you still can't take her anywhere.)

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The economic rise of Brazil is the subject of the cover, an editorial and a special 14-page report on British magazine The Economist. Entitled "Brazil takes off", the editorial says the country appears to have made its entry on the world stage, marked symbolically by the choice of Rio as Olympic host in 2016.