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Oliver Cromwell

Mk.VIII “Cromwell” (eng. Tank Cruiser Mk.VIII “Cromwell”), A27M — British medium cruiser tanks of the Second world war. Named in honor of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of the English revolution of the seventeenth century. Was created in 1941-1942 by the firm BRCWc and was mass-produced from late 1943 through 1945.

Oliver Cromwell standing between two pillars, flanked by allegorical emblems. 1658 Engraving

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir: The Compl...

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Oliver Cromwell: Und Seine Zeit

Title Oliver Cromwell: Und Seine Zeit Author Von Ranke, Leopold Binding Hardcover Publisher Verlag Die Heimbucherei; Berlin Condition Very Good Description Very

Alfred's crown, which unfortunately no longer survives, is listed in an inventory of jewels melted down by Oliver Cromwell. In 1693, a discovery of a Saxon jewel was made at North Petherton in Somerset, now known as the Alfred Jewel. As the Jewel contains no fastening, it is not thought to be a brooch or a clasp. It is probable that it formed the crown of a writing instrument. The Alfred jewel made of gold and enamel, bears the Anglo - Saxon inscription 'Aelfred mec heht gewyrgan'

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New book explores Britain's tiniest - and loveliest - churches

Church of the Good Shepherd in Lullington, East Sussex, was built from the remains of the chancel of an earlier church that was destroyed by fire, generally believed to have occurred at the time of Oliver Cromwell. It measures a mere 16 feet square and seats 20 people

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Shedding Light on a Dark Era: Baroque, Cavalier, and Puritan Fashions

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OLIVER CROMWELL (1599-1658) was born into a deeply anti-Catholic gentry made rich under Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. At 21, he married a woman of similar background & dutifully impregnated her 9 times. When he was part of the losing clique in a local dispute, he experienced a social slide during which he turned to radical religion as a balm. His status skyrocketed as a soldier against the king until he became dictator of England.


Cromwell dissolving The Long Parliament, by Andrew Carrick Gow


Oliver Cromwell , Protector of England who led his 'Ironsides' in the English Civil War against the 'Roundheads' of King Charles I. Cromwell's victories enabled him to have the King tried and beheaded, after which he established a republic .Born on this day 25th April, 1599