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Spektakulärer Hubschraubereinsatz: Hermes Fulfilment installiert Blockheizkraftwerk in Ohrdruf -

Super Originalfoto, Panzer , Panzer-Reg.7/ Ohrdruf, Wehrmacht, 2.Weltkrieg | eBay


Grim-faced GIs contemplate a pile of dead bodies at the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945. Scenes like this were repeated throughout Germany, with some GIs taking things into their own hands and summarily shooting SS guards. These incidents were (reluctantly) investigated by command without any serious penalties for those involved (my reaction would have been similar to the GIs meeting such scenes).


An original photo of German soldiers and lady friends posing beside a King Tiger tank from the 505th Heavy Tank Battalion.


Riss wirklich ein Wolf den 100-Kilo-Hirsch?

Diese Wölfin wurde in Ohrdruf, nur gut 35 Kilometer vom Tatort entfernt…

Vier neue Auszubildende bei Hermes Fulfilment in Ohrdruf -