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DIY This! Flavor-Infused Vodka

DIY This! Flavor-Infused Vodka : Meet one of SELF’s Editorial Assistants, Alyssa. When’s she not scoping out the latest pop culture trends for our Entertainment department, Alyssa can usually be found DIYing. We tap into her craftiness to find out what she’s whipping up... #SelfMagazine


Learn how to infuse vodka & other spirits here. Little pretty bottles filled with the infused alcohol make really chic party favors or holiday gifts

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How To Make Fruit-Infused Vodkas

How To Make Fruit-Flavored Vodkas — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn "a quick way to make sure that handful of juicy berries, plump purple figs, or last peaches doesn't go to waste"

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Infused Liquors

Make some interesting fruit infused liquors for your next party. Recipes include Strawberry Basil Gin, Strawberry Lime Tequila, Apricot Ginger Vodka. Delicious drinks!


Citrus-Infused Vodka

recipe for Citrus-Infused Vodka combines the bounty of winter fruit for a delicious, homemade spirit. Combine with seltzer for a quick cocktail after it’s finished steeping. It’s also delicious on the rocks with a wedge of any of the fruits. While the flavors infuse, I leave the jar in the middle of my table for a striking and colorful centerpiece.

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Homemade Blackberry Vodka Recipe

How to make your own blackberry infused vodka. You can also take this #recipe to make any number of fruit infused vodkas. So good - and super easy.

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Homemade flavored vodkas

Flavored vodkas are hot - as evidenced by the ever-growing marketplace selection ranging from ordinary vanilla or citrus vodka to the whimsical vodkas infused with chocolate or root beer. Because of their popularity, quality flavored vodkas don't come cheap. But you can frugally add your own signature flavor to plain vodka by making infused vodkas at home. Here's how.


The Homestead Survival | How To Make Cucumber Infused Vodka Recipe | Homesteading - Alcoholic Beverage


Ok, this is Brilliant! Put clear glass in the bottom of your dispenser to keep the fruit from clogging up the spout!