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Hans Thoma (1839-1924) Siren (Sirene) pen and ink drawing on paper 21.9 x 15.1 cm 1892 monogrammed and dated


Cooler Master: MasterCase 5 Series

The Twins: Apollo and Artemis Took the whole day to finish this because my tablet’s going all wonky but I managed it!! *well done to whoever did this*

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Malen mit der Nähmaschine {free motion applique}

Malen mit der Nähmaschine {free motion applique} tablet, eReader and smartphone sleeves

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Merfolk - Spiderwick Chronicles Based on a sea horse, sea based fairies seem to be based on plants and creatures in the same environment


HARPY [noun] 1. Classical Mythology: female monsters in the form of birds with human faces. They steal food from their victims while they are eating and carry evildoers (especially those who have...


The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld To the place where those who enter do not depart, to the road whose journey does not end, to the house where those who enter are deprived of light, where dust is their sustenance, clay their food… Written in Akkadian, this tablet from the famed library of Ashurbanipal, the last Neo-Assyrian king, tells the mythological story of the goddess Ishtar’s descent to the underworld. Upon her arrival, she finds its first gate shut and threatens to break it down…


Bulgaria 500 Leva 1942 (King Boris III, woman)


Cuneiform letter. From Baghdad, circa 2055 BC. Seen at the Museo Archeologico Centrale dell’ Etruria, Fiorenze.