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Nordische Mädchennamen

Baby girl's name Ailsa. "Fairy." Close to popular Elsa, this girl's name of Nordic origin refers to a location in Scotland called "Ailsa Craig" meaning "fairy rock."

Soren: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the name. Americans tend to drop the umlaut on the traditional Norwegian Sören, but no matter how it's written this name is fresh and catchy. This Nordic gem has been quietly gaining popularity, recently reaching the 600s after it first appeared in the top 1,000 US boys' names back in 2003. And that's when the first book in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series was published, featuring tales of a young barn owl named Soren.


This cool Nordic name is also the name of a Goddess! #babynames


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Baby girl names from snowy Sweden offer Nordic flair

Sweet baby names for girls straight from Sweden.


Baby Girl Name: Inga. Meaning: Beautiful; also meaning "Protected by Ing" who was god of fertility and peace in Norse mythology. Origin: Scandinavian; Danish; Swedish; Polish; Ukrainian.


Baby names from Scandinavia

Baby Names from Scandanavia | Vikings to Norsemen, Scandinavia is a region that is full of wonderful heritage — and baby names as well! We have rounded up unique baby girl names and baby boy names from the three regions that include Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Elletta| A medieval girls name meaning little elf. Another form would be Ellette, which shares the same meaning. Elletta is more majestic, but Ellette is less flimsy. Which do you prefer?