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Pensive monk shelters from the rain - Nishi Honganji temple, Kyoto, Japan ----------- #japan #japanese


Maruyama Ozui - Kyoto, Sperlingsraum im Nishi-Honganji-T (70,0 x 105,0 cm)

Maruyama Ozui - Kyoto, Sperlingsraum im Nishi-Honganji-T

Statue of Buddha in the Higashi Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan. Higashi Hongan-ji, or, the Eastern Temple of the Original Vow, is one of two dominant sub-sects of Shin Buddhism in Japan and abroad, the other being Nishi Honganji (or, 'The Western Temple of the Original Vow'). It is also the name of the head temple in Kyoto, a collection of buildings built in 1895 after a fire burned down the previous temple.


Kyoto Travel: Honganji Temples

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Nishi Honganji - Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, Kyoto/Shiga Prefecture, Japan (UNESCO World Heritage Site)