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Nirvana All Apologies

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"All Apologies," by Nirvana. I want to dedicate this one to the folks at NBC,, TBS, ESPN, ComedyCentral, ComedySportz, MSNBC, and CurrentTV (long story)

"Well, you know, Kurt inspired me a lot. I definitely fell in love with a whole new sense of music after having played with him. He was a great guy. He was one of the sweetest, most gentle people I've ever met. It still amazes me the outreach of what that band accomplished... I think a lot of people consider - well, obviously - Kurt a hero and he was definitely an inspiration." -Dave Grohl ~ Cation Paul Davis~the sweetest, most gentle guy I've ever met <3

Kurt Cobain didn't die to become a cute tank top at Urban Outfitters...

In our 1994 cover story on Nirvana, Kurt Cobain rages on (and on) about stardom, fatherhood, his feud with Pearl Jam, the death of grunge and why he's never been happier in his life. #longreads #Grunge #Nirvana #Kurtcobain #guitar #drums #singer #vocals #band #rock #music

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Favorite Nirvana songs: All Apologies Come As You Are Smells Like Teen Spirit Lithium

Kurt Cobain, the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter of Seattle, Washington-based…

(If you don't know this song, SIT DOWN. you don't love Kurt Cobain)..."sun shines in the bedroom when we play, the raining always starts when you go away" my favorite.