Nightwing …

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Grayson #1 - I read this for the plot. <--- I read it for the hopefully good plot and pretty pictures.

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#Nightwing/#Robin by @WizYakuza by thegeekrealm

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Batman, his Robins, and his Batgirls over the generations featuring: Bruce Wayne (as Batman) Dick Grayson (as Robin, Nightwing, and Batman) Barbara Gordon (as Batgirl and Oracle) Jason Todd (as Rob... - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

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14680632_1562182993807155_368326767640485544_n.jpg (255×395)

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Nightwing Suiting Up

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Yep. A Nightwing series with a gorgeous guy heading it up would be most welcome. (dreamy sigh). ☺

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This is why Dick is the best robin

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