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New York Figurative Expressionism

Seated Figure, 1953-54. Conrad Marca-Relli. Collage. Oil and canvas on linen, 73 1/4 x 48 1/2 inches

The Figurative Fifties: New York Figurative Expressionism...

American Abstract and Figurative Expressionism: Style is Timely Art is Timeless. The book intends to show that the most engaged mainstream creative work in New York and across the USA was not restricted to non-representational or representational expressionism but rather to the creative power of the individual expressionist artist.


Robert Goodnough, Sheridan Squere, 1959. Oil on board 40 x 59 7/8 inches


Conrad Marca-Relli (1913 - 2000), Untitled, 1958. Oil on canvas-collage on canvas, 38 x 47 1/2 inches. Suggested books: New York School Abstract Expressionists Artists Choice by Artists. Pages 234-237 American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s An Illustrated Survey. Pages: 218-221 American Abstract and Figurative Expressionism Style is Timely Art is Timeless. Pages: 156-159


Max Beckmann (Lipsia, 12 febbraio 1884 - New York, 27 dicembre 1950): Motherhood


Albert Kotin, Head, c.1968. Oil on canvas, 29 3/4" x 36" Literature: Marika Herskovic, American Abstract and Figurative Expressionism: Style is Timely Art is Timeless. Page: 142

Albert Kotin, Testigos, 1968. Oil on canvas, 104 x 63 inches. This Painting was exhibited November 1974-March 1975 at Museo Universitario, Mexico City. It consists of 4 panels. Albert Kotin belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist Artists whose artistic innovation by the 1950s had been recognized across the Atlantic including Paris.


ART CURATORS: Dariusz Labuzek. Figurative Expressionism. Abstrac...

Franz Kline, New York, 1953

- Foyer Art by Franz Kline In this piece Franz Kline captured "a dance" of painting. By applying black on white and then white on black, with hardware paint enamels he created an abstract art, full of vivid colours. 2 years before Abstract pursue, he was drawn to figurative and furniture drawings. It all changed when he visited his friend who introduced projector, an innovation back then, and Kline's mind changed. He now was able to project his drawings, more often done on yellow pages from…