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Neuseeland Olympia Team

Wenn die Olympischen Spiele an Neuseeland gehen


This is the most accurate picture of me when I play soccer..Tobin is the best

von Newsday

Rio Olympics: USA vs. New Zealand

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Eliza+McCartney+New+Zealand+Olympic+Team+Rio+9RaOYPKXmOKx.jpg (683×1024)

Eliza+McCartney+New+Zealand+Olympic+Team+Rio+WOLxuejs1P5x.jpg (1024×683)

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Eliza+McCartney+New+Zealand+Olympic+Team+Rio+bjNIqkhqQJzx.jpg (683×1024)

Eliza+McCartney+New+Zealand+Olympic+Team+Rio+yT94fdz5OxAx.jpg (683×1024)

New Zealand athletes, Stuart Farquhar, Jacko Gill, Eliza McCartney and Angie Petty pose for a photo after being named in the New Zealand Olympic Athletics Team Selection announcement at the AUT Millennium Athletics Track on April 22, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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