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For 20 years, Barrow's Day on the Lake program has provided people with physical and neurological disabilities the opportunity to participate in adapted water sports. Learn more here!

Capitalism values people based on their ability to produce, rather than their contributions to the lives of those around them.

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Study finds growing number of chemicals linked to problems like autism

A tractor sprays barley crops: Pesticides are among the toxic chemicals which may be triggering neurological disabilities among children, in...

While hundreds of millions of wireless addicts insist that nothing negative is happening, the effects of this invisible plague are worsening. In the United States, one in six children currently suffers neurological disability. With the much heralded new 4G LTE networks and devices “producing a waveform that maximizes radiation absorption for 3-6 year olds,” writes Simon Best, the accelerating trend is straight up.


ResearchSpeak: grey matter lesions Shooting down the CNS plasma cell; can you help? #MSBlog #MSResearch #ResearchSpeak "One of the hypotheses in relation to progressive MS is that after a period of time inflammation within the brain and spinal cord becomes independent of peripheral mechanisms. In other words it doesn't matter if you switch off T and B cell activation in the periphery with potent anti-inflammatory drugs progressive MS will continue unabated. One of the mechanisms that is…

It was clear something was very seriously wrong when Daniel Smith arrived at his father Owens house in the early hours of the morning on 18 October last year visibly bruised and shaken. Owen Smith had spent the previous few hours anxiously looking for his 25-year-old son who has autism after he failed to turn up to meet him as planned. I looked at his face and I thought oh my God whats happened? Smith recalls. At first he thought his son might have knocked himself out and been at a…

Colorado Foundation Conductive Education Programs, cerebral palsy & neurological disability treatment. I love finding new information on theraputic methods. This website has some really good information!