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Ned Kelly - Australian bushranger of Irish descent. His legacy is controversial; some consider him to be a murderous villain, while others view him as a folk hero and Australia's equivalent of Robin Hood.


The last photos of Ned Kelly were taken by the official Melbourne Gaol photographer, Charles Nettleton on November 10, 1880, the day before Ned’s execution. In this full-length study, Ned holds the cord attached to his leg irons to disguise the withering of his wounded left arm and rests a fist on his hip to mask a crippled hand.


Э́двард (Нед) Ке́лли (англ. Edward "Ned" Kelly; 3 июня 1854 — 11 ноября 1880, Мельбурн) — австралийский бушрейнджер (разбойник), известный дерзкими ограблениями банков и убийствами полицейских. Казнён через повешение за многочисленные нарушения закона.

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