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A German propaganda poster during World War 2 that shows the greatness of the Nazi party. This poster seems to imply that the Nazi party was a dominant force that always prevails.

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heart 1 - German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich Private postal stationery, Michel PP 156

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heart 8 - German Empire Picture postcards

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Poste alles Mögliche (von überall!), passe alles individuell an, finde und verfolge, was dir gefällt. Erstelle dein eigenes Tumblr-Blog noch heute.

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This poster is telling people that they may join the Waffen SS after 17 years of age.

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Nazi propaganda poster . Says : " Victory at any prise " ...

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Nazi WWII hate propaganda poster with the slogan: "Behind the enemy powers: the Jew."

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German WW2

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1936, Reichsparteitag Nürnberg,

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